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Cycle Country Quick FAQ’s

For more detailed guide to get the most out of your Cycle Country brand ATV plow or UTV plow, please view our “Plow Systems - Ultimate User Guide.”



Who we are?
Cycle Country developed the powersport industry’s first ATV plow system over 30 years ago and we haven’t stopped innovating the highest quality ATV and UTV snowplows and snow accessories since. As we begin another year in 2012, Cycle Country is continuing to lead the pack in developing and delivering the highest quality snow accessories for your ATV or UTV. Now backed by Kolpin, we aren’t just saying we offer the highest quality, most innovative ATV plows and accessories – we guarantee it!

The Cycle Country brand of snowplows, mounts, lift systems and accessories for your ATV or UTV are designed to perform best and outlast all the rest. You can depend on Cycle Country products to be there when it’s your turn to push Mother Nature around.

To find out more about our "Backed by Kolpin Powersports" guarantee, please click here

What kind of products do you sell?
Cycle Country is an industry-leading brand of custom-fit snow removal accessories for utility & all-terrain vehicles (UTVs / ATV’s). Our products include ATV snowplows, UTV snowplows, and other accessories. We are always adding new products so please check back with us often.

Can I buy direct?
Cycle Country brand products are not sold direct. We sell our products through your local ATV dealer. Please visit our Find a Dealer section.

Can I buy replacement parts direct?
You can buy common replacement parts directly from us. Please view the Parts section of the website or give us a call at 1-877-856-5746

How can I become a dealer?
Cycle Country branded products are sold through many national and international distributors. Please call us at 877-956-5746 or e-mail us at for contact information.




Cycle Country plow systems were designed with your safety in mind. In order to protect you and your ATV, certain parts of the plow system and/or hardware are designed to fail when the equipment is over-stressed.

To avoid personal injury or damage to your vehicle:

  • Do not exceed 5 mph (8 kph) with the blade installed
  • Be aware that vehicle ground clearance is reduced with plow system installed
  • Keep yourself, other people and pets away from the blade and moving parts during operation
  • Before adjusting blade angle or disconnecting the plow system, stop the ATV engine and set the parking brake
  • Remove your plow system before trail riding



What do I need to purchase to get my snow plow set up?
There are four main items you will need to purchase: a plow blade, a push tube, a mount plate, and lift system.

How do I know what plow mount I need?
You can look at the application charts in our 'Manuals' section to see what plow mount you need.

What size plow do I need?
When you are choosing a plow size you will want to keep in mind what you will be using the plow for. If you’re doing a driveway and side walks, you should be fine with a 48” blade. If you’re doing large parking lots, you may want to consider something larger. The smaller ATV you have, the smaller size plow you will want. You can always look at the application chart in our 'Manuals' section to see what size we recommend.

Can I use a Cycle Country plow from another ATV on mine?
Our plows are universal. The blade, push tube and lift system are universal. The plow mount bracket, however, is specific to each ATV. One thing to keep in mind is prior to 1999, some of our plow systems were model-specific. These older plow systems are not compatible with newer systems unless they measure 14 ½” from ear-to-ear inside on the push tubes.

Which push tube do I need?
ATV’s use the 15-0001 or the 15-0070 push tube. The UTV’s use the 18-0010 or the 18-0030 plow system (except for Yamaha Rhino, which uses the 15-0001 or 15-0070 push tube).

How can I get a manual for my plow?
Please visit our 'Manuals' page, find the item you need a manual for and click to download a PDF Manual. If you cannot find the manual you need, please use our 'Contact Us' page to request a manual.

My Blade Manual Lift System doesn’t lift very high?
The range of blade heights varies between ATV vehicle makes and models. To get the best height from your ATV, complete the following steps:

  1. Inflate the tires to the maximum pressure as listed in your owners manual or on the decal on your ATV.
  2. With your ATV on a flat level surface, place the lift handle in the forward position. Adjust the slotted handle stop so the lift handle is about ½” from the front fender or rack, whichever it would strike first.
  3. Remove the slack from the cable at the cable clamp and tighten the clamp. (Do not try and pull the cable “tight”, just remove the excess slack.)
  4. Pull the lift handle back, it should allow the blade to “lock” in the up position. At this point, the lift handle should be close to the rear fender or rear rack, which ever it would strike first.
  5. If there is room left for the lift handle to move back towards the fender, let the blade down and lengthen the link rod. (1/8” or so). Again, remove the slack from the cable and pull the handle back.

The blade should lock in the up position and the lift handle should be closer to the fender. If the lift handle strikes the fender before the blade locks up, the lift rod is now too long. If the blade locks up and there is still quite a bit of room between the lift handle and the fender, you may want to repeat step #5 above.

My Quick Attach system keeps popping off?
This can occur when you lift the push tube with a winch and allow the push tube to bottom out. You should use the cable stop provided with the winch to prevent this from happening.

How much more, if any, would the down force kit help on uneven ground?
Our down force kit is made to work on uneven ground. The down force kit keeps the blade scooping closer to the pavement. It will also help some in scooping uneven ground.

Do you have any snow plow tips? 
We polled our Facebook page to get some of the best ideas on what seperates a first time ATV/UTV snow plow user from a veteran. Here aer the top three tips our long time experts thought every new user should know.  Read more...



What do you offer for replacement Wear Bars?
We offer a double sided wear bar.

What makes the double-sided wear bar better?
Our long life wear bars are made of superior hardened steel. They are 3” high and designed to be flipped over.



What lift systems do you offer?
We have several different lift systems you can choose from: 2500 lb winch, 3500 lb winch, 4500 lb winch or our manual lift system.

I can’t get my lift handle to lock into place?

  • Make sure the cable, lift strap and linkage rod is loosened.
  • Place the blade on a 6-8 inch block
  • Pull the handle back into the lock position
  • Adjust the linkage rod once in the locked position
  • Tighten cable and lift strap


Why Does My Plow Slip Down?
This problem can be caused by one of two things: 1) winch back-driving, or 2) cable nesting:

How do I know if my winch is Back-Driving or Nesting? Since both back-driving and nesting cause the plow to slip, the two can easily be confused. The best way to find the cause of the problem is to observe the winch drum as the plow slips. If the drum turns, the problem is back-driving. If the drum does not turn as the winch line creeps, then the problem is cable nesting, where the winch line needs to be properly re-spooled around the drum.

Winch Back-Driving: If your ATV winch is controlled by a mechanical brake (and not a dynamic brake), there is a chance you may be experiencing back-driving when the plow is in the up position. Winches with mechanical brakes are designed to slip under excessive load to protect the winch gears. Under the weight of a heavy plow blade, the cable may slowly creep out and allow the blade to slip down a few inches.

If this happens, simply spool in the winch line to take up the slack. Using a snatch block can also reduce the load on the winch and prevent the plow from slipping.

Cable Nesting:
Cable nesting occurs when the winch cable becomes tangled up on the drum like a bird’s nest. As you plow, the cable can slowly tighten around the drum as it works its way into the inner layers of cable.

If this happens, spool out the cable until all the messed up layers are unwound. Then spool the cable back onto the drum in tight, even rows.

Why Does My Battery Die?
Barring a component failure that keeps draining current from the battery, the issue is usually the battery or the charging system.

ATV charging systems, depending on the year, make and model, aren’t capable of keeping the battery sufficiently charged at low engine rpm. As you add accessories such as hand warmers, extra lighting, etc, the demand on the electrical system becomes even greater.

ATV batteries are usually small and hold very little reserve capacity. They are also susceptible to freezing in the winter time if left in a discharged state. If you do a lot of plowing or have a lot of electrical accessories attached for plowing, make sure you take time to re-charge your battery to its fullest capacity afterward. Doing so will prolong battery life and will ensure your ATV is ready for plowing when you need it.