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Dix-C All Season Advantage

The DIX-C "All-Season Advantage" System converts your plow push tube into a multi-seasonal tool for many light duty tasks. The key component of this sytem i the vleverly designed 15-0110 DIX-C Push Tube Adapter featuring exclusinve 'twin fork' technology. Effortless drive-in engagement of your ATV/UTV plow blade or other DIX-C attachments are your benefits. Unlike other attachment systems available the DIX-C System offers a torque-tolerant low-profile interface that is perfect for ATV's and UTV's.

It plows, it pulls, it hauls, it cradles - the DIX-C "All-Season Advantage" system does it all no matter what the season.

Fits any CC Pushtube

  • Mid Mount
  • Front Mount
  • Forward Mount
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